Always tinkering. From childhood, Peak Performance owner Brian Ledbeter loved motors. He was constantly pulling them apart and putting them back together, learning as he went. Modifying, adjusting, and occasionally blowing them up. He learned the hard way. Not from a book but by getting in there and getting his hands dirty time after time.

His dream was to open his own shop. And as most stories go, he started in a small garage working on his buddies’ bikes. Word spread and soon he had to move to a bigger garage. When he outgrew that he leased a commercial location that Peak Performance resides in today.

While there are several more Peak Performance mechanics wrenching than when he started, Brian still stays true to his roots by getting in there and getting his hands dirty and helping keep customers’ motors running in tip top shape.

We know the routine. You work hard and you play even harder. You’re the kind of person who can’t wait for Friday to come so you can hop on your bike or trailer-up your favorite toys and head out for a full weekend assault. You live to ride and ride to live. We get it! We live it too. We also get that occasionally those toys need a little T.L.C. A tune up. An overhaul. A new belt, chain, track. You get the picture. Well that’s why we’re here.

Services We Offer

  • Tune Up
  • Tire Replacement
  • CV Joint Replacement
  • Clutch Repair and Tuning
  • Summerizing
  • Valve Adjustment
  • Engine Rebuild
  • Winterizing
  • General Maintenance